So a few years back when I was with 1st Force Recon, we went on a training/MEDCAP mission to Honduras. We flew into a base/town at Soto Cano, Honduras. Then we were off to the east coast to a town called Porto Castillo, famous for Columbus's landing in Central America (you know the song ...that “Son-of-a-bitch Columbo”? Well maybe not.) Upon our arrival we had a meet-and-greet and opening ceremonies in 100 degree heat, and 98% humidity. We called it Honduras Hot! Thereafter we judged the heat by Honduras. Just a lovely place to train; but that's what we do.We started out training with Honduran Marines and Buzos (DIVERS). Just a side note here: If you are a Honduran male under the age of 18, and you get caught outside after mi...

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